You will find our products in more than fifteen countries.  While in Italy we sell through several high end retailers, in overseas markets we work with a large network of commercial agents and independent distributors.  In this way we can ensure that our products are as widely available as possible.


B2B Customer Portals

Every customer is important to us.  We believe that in order to best meet or exceed the expectations of the end-user we first need to ensure an excellent purchasing experience for all our B2B customers.
Every customer doing business with us at Sgaravatti Trend,  whether an individual or company, is allotted their own, dedicated B2B portal. Accessible from anywhere via web browser, the software is extremely easy to use and once an order is placed directly online it can be tracked in real-time. The portal gives access to every document related to any particular order and there is an upload and download facility to enable fast information exchange. Customers can also get instant answers from our Sales Team anytime, and after-sales assistance, via the portal’s live chat facility.


Our selected shipping partners ensure fast, on-time delivery and the safety of the shipment during transit. We have an excellent record to-date.




We are strong believers in effective, integrated communications at all levels of our business.

We value our corporate reputation and are working hard to build awareness of our brand by, for example, continuing investment in web and social media marketing.

Our trade marketing activities aim in turn to help our commercial clients develop the sales strategies that are best for them:  for example, we often provide specially-designed, market-specific POS materials and we run frequent B2C PR campaigns in an increasing number of countries.