If you are lucky enough to have a garden or a little bit of a green space, you should exploit it to relax and stay in contact with nature. As it is true that greenery helps us to loosen up, it is also correct to say that this relaxing effect can be enhanced creating dedicated little zones in your garden. Here is how.


amaca relax con libro

Such a simple, amazingly comfortable and relaxing invention! Two trees or two random retaining structures are enough, they only need to be stable and you will have the possibility to enjoy many hours of relax reading a book, drinking your favourite cocktail or sleeping a bit.

Swimming pool


When summer comes, a good refreshing bath is what it needs to loosen tension and enjoy a bit of freshness. Some install proper swimming pools right in the garden, while others buy the cheaper and more practical inflatable ones.

It does not matter which option you choose, the most important thing is to “float” the time necessary to soften nerves and muscles, and maybe even have some fun with family and friends.

The rocking bench


A must have in the majority of gardens, the rocking bench serves the relax function as few other elements of outdoor design. Its seats are lightly imbalanced toward the back, in a way such that you can relax all your body, and then of course you can oscillate and let yourself go driving away unpleasant thoughts.

Ornamental elements

elementi decorativi giardino

The appearance is also very important. Contemplating little lakes, bridges or fountains has its proper calming effect thanks to water pounding and games. Of course, all these constructions have to be built, and it is not always easy without an external help. Furthermore, for water constructions, a system of circulation, which requires care and maintenance should be installed. Nevertheless, the result will reward you for the effort and you will be able to enjoy a beautiful garden during your breaks.

Armchairs, tables and couches

crazy pallet relax

In a relaxing zone, the most common design elements such as armchairs, tables and couches cannot miss. If they are arranged in a special way, they can also foster conviviality and sociality. By the way, did you know that thanks to Crazy Pallet you can realize these design elements in a simple way by personalizing them according to your tastes? Discover more here!



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