Tillandsia, la pianta per casa che purifica l'aria

Do you remember when we talked about houseplants that purify air?
Domestic pollution within house walls is more frequent than we think; it mainly depends on toxic agents freed by products or materials like paints and detergents, things that we all use normally.
How to tackle the issue? Well there are some plants with the power of both filtering and cleaning indoor air, among those we find Tillandsia.

Tillandsia, the plant living suspended in the air

This very curious, perennial and evergreen plant lives suspended, with no substrate to plunge the roots into.
Tillandsia exhibits long and pointed leaves and needs few but fundamental cultivating cares: it can well adapt to indoor environments, given that it does not stand temperatures lower than 15 C°, and it prefers illuminated positions, with dispersed better than direct light.

A “vegetable hoover” that captures dust

tillandsie su vasi magnetici KalaMitica

Till this point satisfy its needs can seem very simple, but remember to always heed humidity, which has to be kept quite high: do not get disheartened and give yourself a water-spray, drizzle the vegetation of your plants, with some not-calcareous water, once a week in winter periods and up to a couple of times a day in the hottest months.
Only in this way Tillandsia will fulfil its duty as “air-plant”, a vegetable vacuum cleaner able to intercept air particulates and absorb them.

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Credits foto TOP: HK James Ho