What kind of garden would it ever be with no chairs or benches where to rest and relax surrounded by greenery? Their absence would certainly not pass unnoticed… But if they are this important, why not improving them in their individuality and appearance? Surprise, surprise we already have a few ideas to do it.

The painted chair

sedia giardino dipinta

If you have an artistic disposition get yourself a paintbrush, some colours and a bit of imagination, now you can go wild and dye your outdoor chairs. According to your tastes you can either pep it up with a vigorous colour, or you can mix many, or you can even, if you feel inspired, draw true and proper subjects. Yours is the choice.

The green chair

sedia con piante nel giardino

This is for the plants and flowers “purists”. Cultivating straight on the chair, not only will transform it from a decorative piece of furniture to a proper part of the garden, but it will also make more comfortable and relaxing sitting on it. Just be careful of what you grow though!

The chair carved in wood

sedia ricavata dal legno in giardino

Ok not everyone is good in etching wood, that is why is often better to buy rather than make this kind of chairs. Anyway they are a great aesthetic solution as they fit pretty well in the surrounding nature and they are very comfy.

The vase-holder chair

sedia porta vaso in giardino

Who has ever said that the garden-chair only serves for sitting? It can also become an original vase holder! This solution is best if your seat is old or damaged. You can just place some pots on it, or even take off the sitting part and fit one big case instead.

The crazy pallet chair

Crazy Pallet in giardino

A chair made of pallets? Sure! Crazy Pallet is specifically though to allow complete freedom of implementation for those who like decorating the garden in an original and pleasant way. Among the many different pieces of furniture there are green walls, tables, benches and also outdoor chairs. You can indeed assemble with extreme ease chairs both comfortable and original. This is possible thanks to the wedging system, which will make the assembling phase like playing with lego.
And through the Crazy Pots you can cheer up the environment growing plants or flowers.

Would you like to know more about it? Please go the Crazy Pallet section.


Foto credits: alphabunny_photosExpressRun,Chris D 2006hortulus, Milano Wine Garden