The bathroom is one of the most important room in the house, but it also the environment suffering monotony and triviality the most.

So, how can we renew its aesthetic appearance without upsetting the whole interior design? Let us see five original examples to make your bathroom not only nicer but also amusing.

Wall bookcase


The wall bookcase may be a solution to improve the look of most bathrooms: it will be enough to choose a small format, if you have little room, and a big format if you have lots of space. How to fill this piece of furniture is completely up to your inner creativity and to your care for details: books, ornamental objects, colourful and monochromatic towels and plants are only a few hints in order to be inspired.

Kalamitica Plates


Adapting to every style -contemporary, northern, decorative- the accessory “metallic plate” of Kalamitica furnishes bare walls with taste. We chose the rectangular one, however, with compositions and shapes, you can really go wild!

Painting the walls


Painting the walls; is there an easiest way to make the bathroom nicer and more likable? If you want to feel like a child again, then opt for mad colours, otherwise commit to feng shui, the eastern discipline that will help you to create an atmosphere in harmony with nature.

Paintings or posters


Say goodbye to boredom. A nice painting or a gigantography can radically change the look of your bathroom, provided that it corresponds to certain chromatic characteristics. For example, white and light blue colours look wonderful in a marine-theme room, and floral paintings perfectly fit a room where wood is the protagonist.

Flowers and Plants


We often make the mistake of decorating the bathroom with false plants: wrong! There are wonderful species that bear excessive humidity (the orchid for example) and make the room a cheerful and alive environment.



Credits: DuPont SurfacesLorenzoclick